Have you ever been stuck? Stuck without a ride, stuck without gas, stuck without money? Being stuck in your circumstance is a bad feeling. I think there are many of us giving up simply because we feel stuck. What could change for you if today you decided you were no longer going to be stuck?

Begin to identify the places in your life that make it feel as though you are stuck. Then recognize that the only thing you can control, is the way you respond to

things out of your control. You have a choice to allow it to make you better, or to make you bitter. Don’t choose to ignore it and pretend everything is fine. For most, thinking you have no problem is your problem. Admitting is always the first step to recovery.

As you identify the reasons you are stuck, I think there are three key responses. 1. Get Desperate. How desperate are you for freedom? How bad do you want it? Let your desperation become your determination. 2. Get a Plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. What steps are you going to take today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year? How can you get there from here? 3. Get Committed. No one can do it for you. They can help, but you have to do the work. It can be done, and it is worth it.

Brandon Matthews
For Tomorrow
Program Director

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