“Unmet expectations are often the result of unspoken expectations.” A lack of communication causes confusion. Confusion causes conflict and conflict creates chaos. In a current state of chaos we have allowed our differences to divide us and fear to paralyze us. Today, let’s turn our fear into faith. Faith in humanity. Faith in change. Faith in our future.

Today, have an intentional conversation with someone to listen and learn. Through your conversation have some consideration for the thoughts and feelings of those around you. Take the time to listen and learn. What are they saying? What are they feeling? What is their life experience? 

Through the commitment of conversation and consideration, we can bring change to the world around us. I’m convinced that I can make a difference. I am convinced that you can make a difference. And together, I’m convinced we can make a difference. Remember that what we do today is for tomorrow.

Brandon Matthews
Alabaster For Tomorrow
Program Director

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